Peter Thönell

BatSoft is sole trader consultancy (ABN: 50 392 093 218) that does software analysis, architecture and development for computers and mobile devices.  My specialties are software analysis and advanced OO architecture.  I develop primarily using DelphiUnity C# and SQL.

I recently did a two year TAFE course on game development. Geez, that’s so much more fun than I expected.  The best part is that I can use my rather abundant imagination!

My work experiences span from 1995 and range from Australia, Sweden and Taiwan.  I am generally the chief architect, sometimes a mentor for colleagues, and always prefer to solve the more challenging projects.  I have worked in all stages of software development and prefer working in a team, but for some reason I have often been given projects that one would normally assign to small teams.

From my experiences I’ve learnt that a good solution, even to a complex real world problem, tends to consist of a few simple rules that, when combined, give rise to what appears to be complex behaviour.  My method is to begin with investing time in properly understanding client needs, then architecting a solution.  After that I need relatively little time writing and testing, because simple rules translate to simple code.  I can’t recall ever missing a deadline when I’ve been allowed to work in this way, though I have missed deadlines when rushed. In my experience, shortcuts cost even more time to work around, even in initial development. And… my code is always tidy and usually well commented, usually with design notes serving as documentation.

Contact me:
Résumé: Peter Thönell.pdf
Phone: +61 405 658 750


  1. Can I do web?  Not really.  I’d prefer that you spend your money on a web developer.
  2. Can I design databases?  Yes, I certainly can.
  3. Am I an expert in XYZ library?  Probably not.  I don’t specialise in knowing tech.  I specialised in architecting solutions.
  4. Am I an expert in any particular domain?  No, I specialised in business analysis.
  5. Do I understand client needs?  Yes!  That is one of my fortés.
  6. Can I solve hard architectural problems?  Yes!  That is another forté.
  7. Can I design good UI’s?  I think my UI’s are fine, but most clients find them ugly.
  8. Can I teach OO?  Yep, from the very basics to advanced patterns in hours.  I have my own teaching method.